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DAMN! That's A Nice Ash!

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Consider "DAMN! That's A Nice Ash!" the only cigar book your kit will ever need. The long-awaited handbook from author and kink educator Devyn Stone is your complete guide to cigar service and play. Whether you've just bought your first stick or you're a humidor connoisseur, Stone will introduce you to an exciting and original perspective on cigars that can only come from years of passionate dedication to the subject. Packed with personal interviews, diagrams, detailed instructions, and negotiation tips along with over sixty high quality stunningly steamy photos featuring a diverse array of cigar enthusiasts, this is a no holds barred look at service, sensations, sadism, and sex. From cover to cover you'll find a collection of real perspectives, real people, real passion, and real expertise. Do you want to hone your skills with instruction from one of the Leather community's most well known cigar specialists? Are you searching for a coffee table worthy book showcasing all things ash? Then "DAMN! That's a Nice Ash!" is your new must-have manual on cigars in BDSM.

The "Quick Reference" Rainbow!

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The “Areas of Control” are sections of a person's life in which authority can be exercised. The categories are divided by type. They include things like medical decisions, hair color, educational opportunities, diet and many more. This quick reference guide lays out each “area” and its subsequent categories. It is designed to get you thinking and talking about your power exchange or authority transfer dynamic in a whole new way. Whether you are new to authority transfer or a veteran of the practice, whether your dynamic is just starting or has lasted a lifetime you will find something in this guide for you!

Planning to attend your first BDSM convention can be daunting. It may seem like there are a lot of questions and no answers. If you are having trouble deciding what to wear, how to schedule your time and how you can afford a BDSM convention… This is the book for you. Devyn Stone, a former event coordinator turned BDSM author and educator, gives you all the tips! Learn what to expect at a BDSM conference, how to behave, what to pack AND how to plan your schedule and budget. Inside you will also find a master packing list and even a few conferences to add to your bucket list!

Ah, protocol. Some would call it the “bread and butter” of power exchange and authority transfer dynamics. In the last book of his "Quick Reference Rainbow" series, Devyn Stone, takes a deep dive into personal protocols in BDSM dynamics. You will get a glimpse straight into the practical application of protocols. You will learn what protocol is, how to determine if it is for you, how to implement and create your own protocols! True to the series, this book is quick, concise, easy to read, and practical!

Have an organizing kink? This may be just the guide for you! Hunker down with your partner and organize your dynamic details. Whether you are just beginning or you are celebrating 20 years, take some time to archive your unique relationship. This quick reference guide lays out examples and prompts for: Protocol, personal preferences, tracking progress, and even chronicling your dynamic history. It is designed to get you thinking and talking about your authority transfer dynamic in a whole new way. Devyn Stone offers you a practical model for keeping all your information in one place, so you can revisit it as often as you need! The thorough, yet concise, approach to Organizational Authority Transfer laid out in these pages is sure to become a staple in your protocols for dynamic maintenance.

Do you enjoy BDSM play? This may be just the guide for you! Let's get into the details of negotiation. Whether you are just beginning or have been playing for decades, take some time to analyze your negotiation tactics. This quick reference guide lays out examples and prompts for: Consent, personal responsibility, risk, and even a quick negotiation guide! It is designed to get you thinking and talking about your BDSM scenes in a whole new way. Devyn Stone offers you a practical model for negotiating and discovering limits and boundaries. The thorough, yet concise, approach to Personal Responsibility laid out in these pages is sure to become a staple in your BDSM practice.
"This is a quick and easy read for a subject so complex!" The resounding comment from anyone that read the manuscript is the best way to describe this book. It really is quick! A 30 minute read could change your life. This book does not pretend to be the end all of gender variant literature. What it WILL do is help you get a good first step under your belt. Devyn Stone, BDSM author and educator, takes you into some of his experiences as a trans man in the BDSM and Leather communities to help you do better. From gender-affirming dungeons to play negotiation with gender variant individuals, you will learn something new on every page!

The Quick Reference Rainbow

Autographed Paperback

'The Quick Reference Rainbow' is a compilation book. It includes all 6 copies of Devyn Stone's 'Quick Reference' Series. Inside you will find 'A Quick Reference Guide To'...

The Areas of Control
BDSM Convention Preparation
Organizational Authority Transfer
Personal Responsibility in BDSM Negotiations
Gender Affirming BDSM

The Affirming Handbook

Paperback and EBook

Do you want to create an event or organization where every perspective is valued and every individual can thrive? This book is a great place to start! Let’s look at the many different ways we can make each individual feel welcome. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a new leader, you will learn something new here. Author, Devyn Stone, has compiled real-world examples, actionable tips, and practical knowledge to help you out. He designed this book to be part theory and all action. The pages that follow are an invitation to a world where justice really is for all, equity isn't a distant dream but a reality to build, diversity isn't a challenge to overcome but a strength to harness, and where inclusion isn't an option but a fundamental human right.

Why I Don't Own Them... Yet...

A Practical Guide to Building an Authority Transfer Dynamic
In this comprehensive book, you will find a step-by-step guide to creating the authority transfer dynamic you desire. BDSM educator, Devyn Stone, takes you on a tour of his personal method. Inside you will discover methods for determining self-awareness, compatibility, negotiation, and processes for checking in. So grab a pen and buckle in. You're in for a real treat!
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