Coaching programs are offered to individuals and couples/groups in dynamics or relationships. Group coaching may be available to suit your needs, please inquire for more information.

Self-Awareness and Emotional Intelligence

"You have to love yourself before you can find love" is such a problematic phrase. Devyn believes the foundation of any connection is self-awareness and emotional intelligence. It is more important to know who you are and how to live with yourself. We can't change it if we don't understand it - but more importantly we can't appreciate it! Let's discover who you really are, what you believe, and what you need!

Consent, Personal Responsibility, and Risk-Awareness

Consent is never cut and dry. It is complex, subjective, and delicate. But we NEED it! It is the only universal truth in BDSM. Let's discuss how to get there! Personal Responsibility and Risk-Awareness coaching can help you find your limits, desires, and needs. We can focus on BDSM play, dynamics, and even vanilla life!

Time Management and Productivity

Do you find yourself overwhelmed and have trouble focusing? Let's work together to create a life that works! We can work on project management, productivity, and time management. Learn from the man who works 60 hour weeks, juggles 4 roles, 2 businesses, and can still return an email in less than an hour!


Dominance comes natural to some but that is not the case for all of us. Whether it is your confidence, self-awareness, or quiet nature that gets in your way - we will work together to find real solutions. Get what you want, when you want, and how you want! All while keeping your connections consensual AND ethical!

Alternative Relationships

"Alternative" is an umbrella term that Devyn uses to cover polyamory, nonmonogamy, BDSM-based, queer, transgender dynamics and relationships. Whether you are in a relationship or looking for one - we can work together to iron out the 'kinks' and get to the relationship(s) you desire.

Authority Transfer Dynamics

There are folx for whom relationships are not complete without authority transfer or power exchange. These packages are for those folx and those that may be curious. Devyn can help you to negotiate, re-negotiate, repair, or end your dynamic in a way that honors you and your needs.


"Devyn shares his authenticity with others in the community. But also shares a window into the best parts of the community to the rest of the world. Devyn has the confidence and knowledge to lead others in so many areas."


"Devyn Stone is not only the quintessential educator, but also an asset to the community at-large. He infuses passion, competency, and professionalism into every space that he enters and every endeavor that he takes on. His platform PK has become one of my go-to resources for kink education. Its content is always fresh, consistent, and accessible, and I always walk away with more gems than what the class description(s) may have slated. Finally, on top of teaching, coaching, producing, hosting, advocating, trailblazing, and human-ing, Devyn somehow manages to function as a reliable source of guidance & support for budding educators like myself. His series on becoming a kink educator is truly one-of-a-kind - I have not seen anything like it offered on any other platform EVER. He truly embodies “each one, teach one”, and does so selflessly and with tremendous grace."

O. Y. K.

"Learning how to set my own boundaries and stand by them is a struggle for me. Devyn covered how to use goals to inform your boundaries and that was enlightening... Keep an open mind, ask questions... Well worth it... Devyn's relaxed casual style makes understanding the concepts easy and he is willing to restate things as needed to clarify which helps you understand the whole picture."

Sarah B

About "BDSM Educator Primer" Intensive

A personal note from Devyn

“I grew up knowing nothing of love. I was surrounded by violence, abandonment, and neglect. Fear crippled me for most of my life. It wasn’t until my partner of 12 years suddenly left and I hit rock bottom that I discovered the truth about myself - I am capable of absolutely anything and there is nothing I am not worthy of. I implemented anything I could find to discover my true self. I have been changing lives and inspiring people just like you for over a decade. My role, as your coach, is to give you the tools to learn, grow, and find the warrior within. If I sound like the right coach for you, schedule a free consultation and let’s get started. I can’t wait to meet you!”


What is an Alternative Lifestyles Coach?

An Alternative Lifestyles Coach is a professional that is skilled in their specialties and wants to help you improve your skills. Coaching is NOT therapy. Devyn Stone uses introspection, external processing, and tasking to help you improve in areas like dominance, self-awareness, and even organizational leadership!

How are sessions conducted?

Coaching and consulting sessions can be conducted in person, under the right set of circumstances, and online via Zoom. During your program, Devyn will also be available by text and phone call.

 What is the difference between a session and a package?

A session is 60 minutes and requires no commitment after that 60 minutes is up. A package, aka program, is a series of sessions. During a program you may be asked to do some homework, sign a contract, create goals, and show progress.

Do I have to have a partner to do coaching?

Absolutely not! If you are looking for help in determining what you want in a relationship, how to get it, or how to negotiate for it - you have come to the right place. Sometimes our self work is best done when we are not encumbered by a partner. But if you already have someone or several someones - that is okay too!

Why should I hire Devyn?

Devyn has practiced authority transfer since 2004 and has at some point been on both sides of the slash. He is also a Certified Professional Relationship, Self-Awareness, and Emotional Intelligence Coach. He is a professional BDSM educator and has dedicated his life to constantly improving his own understanding and others. Devyn is fun, engaging, organized, thorough, and highly goal oriented.

Are there other coaches?

Of course! If Devyn is not the right fit for you or you are looking for coaching in a different subject area, just say so. He has plenty of colleagues to highly recommend.

How much is this going to cost?

The short answer: It depends. The long answer: Coaching and consulting program prices vary. Some things that factor into the pricing are your budget, your timeline, Devyn's availability, custom design vs template, and your commitment. Individual 60 minute sessions are $150.

Do you offer financial assistance?

Of course! If you are interested in coaching or consulting we will make it happen! Devyn offers sliding scale, payment plans, QTBIPOC and LGBTQIA+ discounts, and occasionally a pro-bono program! Have you ever been to Devyn's classes or bought one of his books? Boom, 20% discount.

Ready to get started?


Consulting is provided to individuals, groups, and organizations.

Becoming a Kink/BDSM Educator

By and large, education in the kink/BDSM community is unregulated. While there is no degree or certification to receive, let alone reliable resources for those who want to get started, the process of becoming an educator isn’t as daunting as it first appears. Devyn can help you to become a kink educator! With over ten years of personal experience in formal and informal contexts, he can coach you through negotiating as an educator, setting boundaries, scheduling, booking, marketing -- and, most importantly, developing your class and materials!

BDSM/Kink/Leather Organizations

Do you want to start your own organization? Do you already manage an organization and want to improve? We can build a program that can help you do that. From creation to marketing to rules and maintenance we can build an organization to stand the test of time.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Creating Affirming Spaces

Are you getting complaints or just looking to improve anywhere you can, let's do it! Creating a diverse, equitable, inclusive, and affirming space is a huge job but it is one that truly makes a space the best it can be. If you want to improve your space for everyone - this program is for you. We cover things like conscious language, signage, rules, protocols, and mindset.


Ethical leadership is the place where the rubber meets the road in any organization. How do you handle education, rules, and foster a team mindset? Let's get your organization running like a smooth operator, even in times of stress and chaos.

Event Coordination

Running an event can be a cake walk if well-planned in advance. But what are all the ingredients? And where are the recipes? We can review the ins and outs of the event planning process and discuss scheduling, pricing, location, accessibility, and booking entertainment and education. You also have the option to have a professional by your side at every turn in the planning process giving you the best tips. Consultations can be applied to virtual AND in-person events. Let's work together to create a plan to make your event successful!

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